Amaranth Empowers Campaign









We are excited to launch our Amaranth Empowers 2016 Campaign, with the goal of raising $50,000 by February 1st to fully fund our programs and services.

We collaborate with primarily rural, low-income families to promote sustainable livelihoods through the cultivation, consumption and commercialization of amaranth. We advocate for values of equity, integrity and transparency. We revitalize rural communities by creating opportunities to improve health and family income, while preserving natural resources. We design our programs and policy initiatives to provide innovative solutions with amaranth.

Will you join us in supporting this work? By donating now, you could do twice as much. Up to $15,000 in donations will be matched by our generous donors Sheridan, Perry, and Katherine Lorenz. We have already raised 55of our $50,000 campaign goal - please consider contributing to make sure we can meet our fundraising goal in 2016.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, healthy foods like amaranth reach hundreds of farms, tables, and microenterprises in rural Oaxaca. Your inspirational vision for the future brings hope to rural Oaxacan communities. Thank you! We are grateful to work with each one of you creating hope for a brighter future.